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The Lover Monster: Episode 2

The Lover Monster: Episode 2

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The bouquet of thistles and nettles? Missed ! An escarzébrot? Missed ! Will our love monster end up finding a gift for the witch Podlezar? You are probably monstrously impatient to find out more ...

  • The next morning, Gronigul returns to the witch's house. The windows see it coming and the door asks, with its big doorbell: " And then, this escarzébrot? "
  • Gronigul responds, in a tiny, intimidated monster voice: "Well, for the escarzotte ... uh, it's missed. But ... Podlezar may want another gift? "
  • "Let me think, squeak the door. Ah ... I know! Podlezar has always dreamed of a truquibrilla necklace! So bring him back a bag of truquibrils. "
  • Truquibrilles! Everyone knows that truquibrils grow in the bottom of the black cave. But the black grotto is guarded by the long-toothed rat-cats, the most wicked beings imaginable!
  • Gronigul sets off, bravely. When he reaches the black cave, it's already evening. From afar he sees heaps of little bright dots. Those who do not move are truquibrils. Those who move ... those are the wicked eyes of Terrible rat cats with long teeth !
  • Gronigul is very scared, but he has an idea. He picks up branches full of leaves, he slips them in his belt, in his collar, in his sleeves and, slowly, slowlyhe goes forward pretending to be a tree that moves gently in the wind. It takes him all night. In the early morning, the Gronigul tree is in front of the black grotto.
  • Gronigul enters the cave. He just has to reach out to pick up truquibrils and stuff his pockets. But at that moment, he walks on the tail of a rat-cat. The cat-rat does "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" and he plants his long teeth in Gronigul's leg. Gronigul makes " Aiiiiiie! and he kicks the cat-rat.
  • A tree that kicks? This is not normal ! The bad rat cats throw themselves on Gronigul. Gronigul is obliged to run away. It missed ! Podlezar will not have his present.

Will this love story end well? The end.

A story written by Marie-Hélène Delval, illustrated by David Parkins, published in the magazine Belles histoires, Bayard jeunesse.


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