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The Sandman

The Sandman

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Want to watch a DVD with your child? Why not the pretty Sandman? An ideal film from 3 years to help your little one to face his nightmares!

  • What is the story ? Every night, like all the children in the world, Theo joins the Land of Dreams thanks to the magic sand scattered by the Sandman. But one night, the ugly Tourni-Nightmare steals the magic sand, thus taking control of the Land of Dreams. Poor Theo! Fortunately, thanks to the sandman and his joker, he will find it!
  • Directed with puppets, this beautiful fable is unambiguously addressed to young children, from 3 years. It evokes a universal character, the sandman - a little forgotten. Your budding moviegoer will identify with the little hero who is learning to overcome his nightmares.
  • By S. Sakagolu and J. Moller, Bac Films. Duration: 1 h 24.
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And also on DVD: The Liar Mulot

  • A cowardly woodcutter who faces the bear with his eyes closed, a cunning wolf, a shy boy, a field mouse who lies as he breathes ... These four fables combine paper cuttings and watercolor in a film of animation full of freshness.
  • From 3 years old.
  • Préau movies. Duration: 45 minutes.
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