The potato pig

The potato pig

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He has the potato this pig !! Have fun making this animal friendly and oh how funny to "ride"! Our explanations in pictures.

Agnes Barboux

The potato pig (4 pics)


2 potatoes (1 big and 1 small)
6 matches
1 small piece of Gruyère
4 cloves
1 noodle.

Step 1

Plant 4 matches in the big "potato" at the places of the "paws" and 1 between the big and the small to connect the head and the body.

2nd step

Press 2 cloves in a piece of gruyere cut in circles (they must go a little to make the snout).
Then plant a half-match in the middle of the small potato so as to fix the snout.

Step 3

For the ears and the tail, make incisions, 2 at the top of the small "potato" to slip the pieces of gruyère cut in triangle (the ears) and 1 at the end of the big "potato" for the noodle-tail.
Plant 2 cloves for the eyes.
He is beautiful the animal!


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