Germaine - Meaning and origin

Germaine - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Germaine, female first name, was a great success in the nineteenth century. It comes from the Germanic "gari" meaning "lance" and "mundo" which means "protection". It also originates from the Latin word "germanus" which means "from the same race, the same blood" or "the germain".


Germaine de Foix was the grand-niece and wife of Ferdinand II of Aragon in the sixteenth century.

The French novelist Germaine de Staël (better known as Madame de Staël), the French filmmaker Germaine Dulac (1882-1942), the French sculptor Germaine Richert, the French actress Germaine Rouer ...
His patron saint is Germaine Cousin. Born ugly and deformed body, she was rejected by her family and became a shepherdess. She was found dead under a staircase at age 22, in 1601, and miracles ensued from that moment. It is said that the waters of the stream that separated her from her church opened before her to let her cross without wetting her dress. She was canonized. She is the patron saint of the shepherds.

His character :

Germaine is an artist at heart. Very sensitive and emotional, she knows how to move those around her. Enigmatic, she knows how to cultivate the mystery and fights to preserve her intimacy. That's why it can seem cold. Quite reserved, she shows courage and determination in the face of obstacles. She escapes in her dreams in case of disappointment.


Germane, Germinia, Germina and Germinie.

His party :

The Germaines are celebrated on June 15th like Sainte-Germaine

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