Name Féliciane - Meaning and origin

Name Féliciane - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Coming from the Latin "felix", the female name "Féliciane" translates as "happy" or "happy" or sometimes "lucky".


The actress Feliciana Abogado seen especially in "Barcelona 92" (2014).

His character :

Because of its remote and reserved character, Féliciane intrigues and attracts the male. When you take the time to know it, you either immediately love it or you hate it. This woman of character leaves seldom indifferent and raises many questions among those around her. Proud and slightly haughty, Féliciane hides her hypersensitivity and her weaknesses of character by keeping a good distance from strangers. Although she seems calm and detached, this sensitive woman has dreams full of the head. When reality disappoints her, she withdraws into her imagination and consoles herself with sweet dreams. Féliciane proves particularly demanding. Waiting for the best of others and of herself, this woman often has to deal with disappointment. Putting the pressure on her own, she is all the more sensitive to failure. The results of his hard work rarely meet his expectations.

Often affected by the repercussions of her temperament and behavior, Féliciane seems to be introverted and cerebral. If her relatives do not teach her flexibility and tolerance, she may end up alone, bitter and angry. To prevent her from becoming an adult eaten up by frustration, it will be necessary above all to encourage little Féliciane to enjoy the little pleasures of life. Relatives of this fragile woman will also have to encourage her to socialize more to prevent her from remaining alone with herself and her dark thoughts.


Feliciana, Felicianna, Felice, Félicie, Felixia, Feliciona and Felicienne.

His party :

The Féliciane celebrate on May 10th.

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