Name Essam - Meaning of the origin

Name Essam - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Essam means "backup" in Arabic.


Essam El-Hadary, Egyptian footballer, Essam Sharaf, former Egyptian prime minister.

His character :

Essam feels very comfortable in society. Loquacious and charismatic, he manages to adapt to anyone, regardless of his personality. Of a rather relaxed and jovial nature, Essam takes life on the good side. Boute-en-train, he likes to have fun with his friends and to enjoy the little joys of life. The positivity that emanates from him strongly contributes to the success of his projects. Essam has a remarkable creativity that allows him to create works of great originality. At school, he is particularly interested in painting, modeling or construction games where he can give free rein to his talents as an artist.

Always aiming higher, Essam has a huge ambition offering him more opportunities to succeed. Do not give up easily, he gives himself thoroughly and puts all the chances on his side to realize his projects.

On the emotional level, Essam attaches great importance to the affection that surrounds him. In order to be fulfilled, he needs a good dose of tenderness and motivation that allows him to move forward.


Issam, Esam, Esen, Esin, Ehsan, Asun, Esem, Esme, Essan, Essap, Essar, Essat, Essau, Essaw, Essba, Essama, Essamabd, Essamari, Essame, Essambe, Essambeh, Essamenda, Essamelden, Essamfoda, Essamdin, Essamadel, Essef, Essel, Essem, Essed, Essda, Essco, Essamalean, Essei, Essee ...

His party :


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