Name Erik - Meaning and origin

Name Erik - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Coming from the Scandinavian language and derived from Old Norse, the name Erik consists of the words "ei-" which derives from the Norse word "ainaz" which means "one" or "only", and the word "rikr" from " rikaz "and that means king. We also find this name in the Germanic language with the words "ehre" (honor) and "ric" (powerful, rich).


Erik Orsenna or Erik Arnoult of his real name is a novelist and an academician of French origin. He writes many specialized books under his real name. It is under the pseudonym of Orsenna that he published his novels.

Eirikr Thorvaldson, better known as Erik the Red, is an explorer of Norwegian origin. His nickname "Red" is due to the color of his hair and his beard of flamboyant red. He is famous for being the first European settler to settle in Greenland.

Eric Alfred Leslie Satie or Erik Satie is a French pianist and composer. He has written many works for piano, vocal, orchestra and small ensemble.

Erik's patron saint is Erik IX of Sweden, also known as Erik the Saint or Saint Eric. King of Sweden's son-in-law, he worked for the conversion of the Finns and was assassinated around 1160.

His character :

Erik is a secret and enigmatic boy. Because of his great sensitivity, he tends to doubt him and his abilities. Very intelligent, he shows a great scientific and Cartesian spirit. Erik is a great idealist, a utopian and he knows how to be altruistic.


Eric, Ric, Ricky, Rico

His party :

The Erik are celebrated on May 18th

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