Name Yerevan - Meaning of the name

Name Yerevan - Meaning of the name

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Origin of first name:

Celts, French

Meaning of the name:

Yerevan is a Celtic male given name. This is the Breton form of Yves.

Yerevan comes from the Celtic term aerouant meaning "dragon".

Yerevan also comes from a Germanic root, iv, having given the ancient name Yvo, itself derived from the name of a shrub venerated by the ancient Germans.


No Yerevan known to this day, perhaps your little prince will be?

Saint Yves was born in 1253 in Armorican Brittany. He decided to study theology in Paris, as well as law in Orleans. Appointed ecclesiastical judge in Rennes, he later became a country priest in Louannec. Saint Yves created a hospice to collect the elderly and an orphanage for children in distress. He was also eager to defend the poor peasants.

His character :

The sense of family is deeply rooted in the personality of Yerevan. Feeling the support and confidence of his parents is also crucial for this little prince who is so attached to his family. If this condition is fulfilled, Yerevan is on a path to fulfillment. Yerevan will seek independence and independence from a young age. He will rarely ask for help until he has given everything to get what he wants.


Erwan and Erwin.

His party :

Yerevan is honored on May 19 in memory of Saint Yves.

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