Name Enaël - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Enaël is a new name derived from the modification of the Breton name Anaël. Different hypotheses as to the origin of this name are mentioned. Among these, there is one that states that this name comes from Hebrew ana meaning "I beg you" and El meaning God. Another hypothesis states that this name has two origins. He would come from Hebrew Hannah or "thanks" while ael is a Breton word meaning "angel" in Breton.


The name Enael is celebrated on the same day as that of Anael, that is to say on the day of the celebration of St. Anne. St. Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary. An angel appeared to him to announce that she was going to have a child whereas twenty years earlier, she could not be a mother. Saint Anne is considered the patroness of mothers, Brittany, women in childbirth and widows.

For the moment, no celebrity bears this name invented very recently. However, this name is found in fictitious stories. This is the case of that of Enaël Anardil, a sylvan elf from the Middle Earth, which is none other than an imaginary world.

His character :

Enaël is a man of sociable nature, calm and thoughtful. He can take a step back to take stock when necessary. Open-minded and very generous, he is able to give without counting to the people who are dear to him. Intelligent and intuitive, he knows how to determine the personality of others from the first meeting. Sure of himself, he is also independent, dynamic, audacious and authoritarian.


Anaël, Enaëlle

His party :

The Enael are celebrated on July 26th.

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