Name Elian - Characteristics

Name Elian - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Elian is a contemporary variant of the ancient name Helianos, himself inspired by Elijah. Built with the terms "el" and "ish", Elian means "God is my salvation".


No Elian known yet ...

Elijah, prophet of the ninth century BC AD, fought against the pagan worship of Baal. According to legend, this influential figure of religion would have joined the sky on a tank of fire.

His character :

At once passionate and cautious, intuitive, Elian is intelligent and insightful. Possessing a real team spirit, he has no difficulty integrating into any group. Modest, generous, it is also a faithful friend and the perfect interlocutor in case of problems. His sense of friendship drives him to help others and to make himself useful. He is a frank and direct man who does not hesitate to express his feelings, but always with tact.


Elyan, Ellian, Elyana, Elyanne, Héliane, Hélian and Éliane.

His party :

The Elian are celebrated on July 20th.

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