Name Dietmar - Meaning of origin

Name Dietmar - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

According to its Germanic etymological roots "eud" and "meri", the name Dietmar means "famous people" or "famous people".


Dietmar Feichtinger, Austrian architect, Dietmar Hamann, former German international footballer, now coach, Dietmar Hopp, German entrepreneur, Dietmar Huhn, German actor, Dietmar Rothermund, German historian known for his research on the Indian economy.

His character :

Dietmar is generally a serene person with a balanced character allowing him to act with confidence. He does not spare his efforts to defend the causes that are dear to him. His nature drives him to rally the causes of weak people in difficult situations. He is very invested in the missions assigned to him. Professionally, he has a great willingness to act in everything he undertakes. His dedication to others could lead him to a career in contact with the public.


Dimitar, Diet, Dietrich and Dietmann.

His party :

Dimitar, Diet, Dietrich and Dietmann.

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