Name Cyliane - Meaning of thumbs

Name Cyliane - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Celts, French, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Cyliane is a derivative of Cillian, itself derived from the Celtic word Ceallach referring to the meaning of "struggle".


No celebrities named Cyliane, your daughter maybe?

Cyliane's patron saint is Kilien. Originally from Ireland, St. Kilien lived a large part of his life in Thuringia where he was bishop. When he succeeded in converting the Duke of Thuringia, the latter's concubine was so angry with him that she ordered Kilien's death. With his companions, he was buried with their objects of worship.

His character :

Cyliane seduced by his kindness and generosity. Welcoming, she is easy to make friends and is distinguished by her sense of listening. Faithful friend, she is capable of sacrifices for her relatives. Distrustful, but tolerant, she has difficulty trusting. Cyliane is independent in her work, quality allowing her to climb the professional ladder. Appreciating the compliments, she always does her best to meet the expectations of others, without ignoring her principles. With a great sense of responsibility, she fully assumes her role by using all the means at her disposal. Without trying to stand out, she manages to attract attention through her dedication, determination and perseverance. Stubborn, Cyliane can not be defeated by failures or obstacles, she does everything to achieve her goals.

Petite, Cyliane has a certain lack of confidence in her. Growing up and surrounding herself with the right people, she will be more confident and recognize her skills. His iron will and determination are also evident from his childhood. However, she feels a constant need for recognition to continue her work. She needs encouragement to move forward.


Kiliane, Kyliana, Killiana, Kylliana, Kiliana, Killiane and Kylianne.

His party :

Cyliane is honored on July 8th.

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