Names Candice - Characteristics

Names Candice - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Candice comes from Latin candidus meaning "white". This name is derived from Candace, an ancient Ethiopian dynastic title referring to the king's mother. It is basically an adjective that evokes innocence.


Actresses of American origin Candice Bergen and Candice Patton, and Candice Pascal, actress and professional dancer of French origin.

Candie's patron saint is Candide, also called Blanche, who was martyred in Rome around 290 with Arteme, her husband, and their daughter Pauline. A church was erected in their honor in Rome. In September 302, Candide was persecuted with Maurice, chief of a legion, as well as several Christian soldiers.

His character :

Candice is alive, sweet and endearing. She is sociable and has no trouble getting to know others. Extroverted in nature, she does not appreciate loneliness. Rather than play alone, she will prefer the company of her many classmates. A loving exchange, Candice is also aware of the charm she exerts on her surroundings. She does not only seek to please, but also to please her loved ones. She is particularly attentive to their opinions, which is why she should be encouraged to defend her opinions.

Candice has a playful temperament and she likes to play comedy, just to laugh. This little girl is also distinguished by its great ability to adapt. She remains flexible indeed, while keeping his temper well tempered and his sense of observation. These qualities are worthy of easy integration into any group of individuals. His clever nature will allow him to extricate himself from difficult situations. Candice is interested in everything around her, which refines her lively intelligence.


Candace, Candie, Candy and Candide are the first names derived from Candice.

His party :

Candice are honored on October 3rd

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