Name Barnard - Meaning of thumbs

Name Barnard - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

The name Barnard derives from the germain "ber" bear and "hard" brave. He thus refers to the force. According to its Germanic meaning, it means "strong like a bear".


Barnard Hughes, American actor, Bernard Lama, former French international footballer, Bernard Diomede, former French international footballer.

The name Barnard is associated with Saint Bernard of Clairvaux or abbot of Clairveaux. During his lifetime, this French monk was a reformer of religious life. He died in 1153, then canonized in 1174.

His character :

Barnard is an emotional and sensitive person, despite his calm and serene appearance on a daily basis. His character is slightly paradoxical. He needs to be surrounded by others to flourish.


Bernard, Bernardo, Bernhard, Bernardin, Bernardio. Bernd, Bernat and Berny.

His party :

The Barnards are celebrated on January 23rd.

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