Name Aubane - Meaning and origin

Name Aubane - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Aubane is the female form of the name Aubin, a variant of "Alban". Therefore, Aubane also comes from the Latin "albus" and means "white" (white in this case).


French actress Aubane Gaillard seen among others in "One more tear" (2012).

His character :

Doted with great strength of character, Aubane immediately presents himself as an authoritarian person, courageous and full of life. Because of her charisma, she rarely goes unnoticed in a group. Rather egocentric, she always tries to put herself in front and sometimes makes a little too much. However, this charming person contains a hint of anxiety and many doubts in her heart. By reconciling these two aspects of his personality, Aubane manages to overcome the various trials of life leading to success.


Alba, Alban, Aubine, Albane, Alba.

His party :

Aubane are spoiled, they enjoy two days of celebration, March 1 and June 22.

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