Name Anaël - Meaning and origin

Name Anaël - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

"Anaël" is a variant of "Anne". From Hebrew "hannah", the first name means "graceful".
Another hypothesis is that "Anaël" would be a name composed of two Hebrew roots: "ana" and "El", to say "God answered".
This name is suitable for both girls and boys.


French basketball player Anaël Lardy, French supermodel Anaëlle Duguet, French illustrator Anaëlle Clot, painter Anaëlle Alcoulombre, French cellist Anaël Rousseau, performer Anaëlle Krief ...

St. Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary. Having lost all hope of having a child, Anne was overwhelmed when an angel appeared to her to tell her that she would have an offspring. She gave birth to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

His character :

Anaël is a person with very insightful character and a foolproof franchise. Passion is her main source of motivation and she does not miss a lot when she gets involved in an activity she loves.


Anaëlle, Annaelle, Hannaëlle, Annael ...

His party :

The people named Anaël are honored on July 26th.

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