Name Aenor - Meaning of the origin

Name Aenor - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In ancient Greek, the first name "Aenor" means "sunshine".


Saint Eleanor was the sister-in-law of St. Louis. After getting married very young to the King of England Henry III, she became a Benedictine and retired to a convent. She died in 1291.

His character :

Aenor is a rather calm, modest, secret and enigmatic person. Reserved and discreet, she avoids disturbing people around her. It is during her childhood that she is encouraged to develop her sociability by having her participate in group activities. On a daily basis, she shows patience, determination and great concentration. Not believing in luck, she relies mainly on her intellectual abilities and her analytical mind.

Respecting traditions, family values ​​are very important to her.

Aenor appreciates nature, animals and the land. These different traits of her personality make her tend towards a scientific career or in connection with the earth. Possessing a visionary and innovative side, she is able to engage in politics or in the humanitarian field.


Aeora, Eleonore.

His party :

The Aenor are honored on June 25th.

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