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First day at kindergarten

First day at kindergarten

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David is 34 years old. A year ago, he was accompanying his son, Abel, for the first time in kindergarten. Today, he tells us this great day ... moving for all!

First there is the anxiety of cleanliness

  • "A few months before the start, my colleague François tried to reassure me on the sidewalk, in front of the company:" You know, my daughter was clean only the day before the return.We must not worry. "Sure ... For my part, my friend Vivian told me his strategy: "We, we did the astonished: Oh, Erwan pee in her panties ... It's very surprising, it must be stress, because it makes a difference. the moment we do not put more diapers ... "
  • My son Abel, he went to the toilet one August morning, of his own free will, because all summer, he sold the school as an "extraordinary adventure", a reward that imperatively required that he be clean. The problem was solved, we continued to transform the school into a VIP room, accessible only to children who ate all their vegetables, did not cry because they were tired of walking along the beach, went to bed without a problem ... As much to say that the day of the return, he was excited. "

Like 25 years ago, the first shock is the awakening

  • "It's seven o'clock, and yesterday it was Abel's screams, the" Papaaa, Mamaaan, "who were throwing us out of bed, but now it's the opposite, it's up to me to lift my son. And an extra responsibility for parents I leave the following to her mother, Pierangélique While I put on pretty clothes, my new shoes - like 25 years ago when I pulled out velvet trousers and sweaters with elbow patches in leather - it is she who dresses Abel with the new Kickers and the T-shirt that goes well .. The clothes of the return, but it is me who makes a photo to immortalize the moment.
  • At 8:30, we all three enter the school together. Pierangélique is on maternity leave. I put my day. Neither of them wanted to miss the event. Abel holds our hand, a little intimidated. But perhaps less than we, who look down at the director who greets us at the door. "

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