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Reading in questions

Reading in questions

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Not so easy to learn to read! Each child achieves this by taking his own path. How to help? What to do in case of difficulties? A reading specialist answers your questions.

Does the child learn to read in one year during the preparatory course?

  • It is true that CP is a real turning point. Acquisitions are very visible. But, in reality, the learner is trained in kindergarten, when he becomes familiar with books, listens to stories and tries to unravel the mysteries of the written words that surround him. The teacher displays on the walls the days of the week, writes nursery rhymes on the board ...
  • Gradually, and especially in large section, which marks the entry into cycle II of "fundamental learning", which also includes CP and CE1, the child learns to write his name and to recognize it among others. Most of the time, he does not realize that he is preparing for reading, but when the teacher asks him to surround the word "wolf" in a nursery rhyme, that's what he does, while fun!

Is it possible to learn to read before 6 years?

  • Before 6 years, many schoolchildren are able to recognize certain words and to write themor even begin to decipher them, but few can read and understand short stories. To read and understand a simple text, it is necessary to put oneself in the writer's shoes and try to grasp the meaning of what he wanted to express, which requires a level of abstraction that few children reach before 6. years.
  • If yours is a plaintiffthere are many ways to make him aware of reading other than by teaching him the letters and the way sounds are written. Playing with words, telling stories, discussing and encouraging them to write short texts is the best way to achieve this. The taste of reading, it is transmitted!

How do you explain that, traditionally, girls read better than boys?

  • It is indeed verified that, at CP, girls can read better than boys. This finding of difference between the sexes is found at the end of adolescence. There is no real consensus on the issue. Among the possible explanations, it can be argued that from an early age, girls invest more in the practice of language than boys, more physical or do-it-yourselfers.
  • In addition, reading has always been a more feminine hobby. Finally, teachers are often women, to whom girls identify more easily.

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