Organize shared custody, thanks to the family-dating!

Organize shared custody, thanks to the family-dating!

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After the speed-dating to find the soul mate, here is the family-dating! Proposed by the agency O2, these meetings allow two families to meet in order to find a solution of shared child care, a mode of custody more and more popular because less expensive!

Family dating, what is it?

  • Faced with the lack of place in nursery or at the nursery assistants, many parents have to go home, a rather expensive form of care. To reduce costs, shared childcare can be the solution. But how to find a family with whom to agree?
  • To encourage meetings and connect families whose care needs are close, the O2 agency specialized in childcare organizes family-dating in France.

Why participate in a family-dating?

To meet a family with whom to get along on schedules and the organization of shared custody. This guard mode has many advantages:

  • 1 / it is more economical because the costs are divided in two.
  • 2 / It is more flexible, because the children being kept at home, their rhythms are better respected.
  • 3 / This mode of care also favors the socialization of children since they are kept together.
  • During his family-dating, the agency O2 also allows families to inform themselves, to benefit from advice and meet professionals trained in shared custody.

How to participate in a family-dating

  • The family-dating takes place every last Wednesday of the month from 16 h to 19 h in many cities of France such as Nantes, Lyon, Nice Strasbourg, Marseille, Paris, Dijon, Limoges ...
  • Totally free, you must nevertheless think about registering beforehand.
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