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The fig, a fruit rich in benefits, not as caloric as one might think and that lends itself to multiple associations for the happiness of all. Discover its benefits and all you need to know to properly choose and keep it.

The fig in details

  • Well supplied with carbohydrates (13%) and relatively reasonable in calories if one does not abuse it (2 fresh medium figs, ie 100 g, bring only 60 kcal), like the apple. Attention, dry, it contains more: 250!
  • The fig is distinguished by its richness in minerals, especially calcium, potassium and magnesium. It also contains trace elements such as iron.
  • Expectant moms suffering from constipation will find an effective help, thanks to the presence of numerous fibers (2.3 g per 100 g) and seeds with depurative effects. Choose it ripe.

Fig, buying guide

  • The fresh fig is mostly on stalls from June to November. It is cultivated in the south of France, but also in Brittany.
  • At the time of purchase, plan 3 beautiful figs per person for the making of a dessert.
  • Prefer fleshy fruits, with a firm tail, arranged in honeycombed boxes that protect them from shocks.

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