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We "devour" Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the strongest tales of children's literature. Here are three favorite versions that have just been published in bookstores. To read from 4 years.

What does Little Red Riding Hood teach him?

  • To be wary, to say no to strangers ... ... Little Red Riding Hood is one of the initiatory tales. There are two beautiful versions. That of Charles Perrault, full of strength, with his famous "Tire the peg and the bobinette cherra" and a wolf that eats the girl all the way! And that of the Brothers Grimm, more recent and happy with a hunter who helps him. But as many books, as many translations or fanciful variations ... In any case, these three Chaperons are great. Here are some ideas for the evening story!

The most classic

  • If you do not have this classic yet at home, find this version that comes out this weekend in bookstores! She is very close to the original: no hunter to save Little Red Riding Hood! Rest assured: the illustrations bring a little distance and humor to the text. We see an adorable heroine with a nose trumpet, and a wolf on the last page that seems to have more than one trick in his bag ... What shudder and that, your child loves.

Little Red Riding Hood, by Marie-Hélène Delval and Ulises Wensell, after a tale by Charles Perrault, Les Belles Histoires, Bayard editions, € 4.90.

The most giant

  • Giant in more ways than one! This version is part of the collection "Little Tale of the carpet" which proposes great big albums, giving pride of place to the illustration! And so much the better, because they are flamboyant and serve this version of humor where the little chaperone is saved by the hunter.

Little Red Riding Hood, through Gilles Bizouerne and Barroux, Threshold Youth, 13 €.

The most mischievous

  • Your child has humor. Once he knows his classic, he appreciates the variations. Especially when they are cheerful like this one! Here is a Little Chaperon scribbled in two pencil strokes. A wolf scribbled in the same way ... He has big sharp teeth. But this time the little girl does not let go! No way to eat like that! No but !

Little Red Riding Hood, by Marjolaine Leray, Actes Sud Junior, 12 €.

Agnes Barboux

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