Your child 3-5 years

Our selection of CD-books

CD-books, it's magic! They can be put in the car to pass the time or listen to them in a loop at home, warm under the duvet, looking at the pictures ... Here is our favorite selection. (News of 27 and 28/12/2008).

Shah shah persian

  • This nursery rhyme tells a pasha story, shah, shah, full of money, Persian Shah so powerful that all the women said to him: "Shah shah shah as we love you!" But he, despite his mi-mi, his billions, he dreamed to see grow grass…

Why we like it:

  • What a pleasure to waddle from 2 years on shah shah shah clapping hands! A little jewel from the collection "Next time I'll sing it to you" directed by Philippe Meyer, the famous lover of words.
  • From 2-3 years old / Ed. Of Rouergue, 19,50 €.

Gourmand too greedy

  • Here are three tales that put in appetite. The first comes from Hungary and tells the story of two little greedy cubs who do not know how to share a cheese. The second, from Burma, narrates that of a chick who promises half of his cake to a cat to save his life. And the third, from Lebanon, relates the adventures of a hen who sowed all her seeds. At night, they disappeared ... Who has eaten them?

Why we like it:

  • Light and deep, these little stories offer a great variety of talents. For each of them, there is a storyteller, an illustrator, and a different narrator! The happy little musical interludes are signed Hervé Suhubiette. A young audience composer absolutely great!
  • From 4 years old / Ed Didier, coll. Little Petons, 21 €.

Agnes Barboux