Our cool tips when it's hot

Our cool tips when it's hot

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It's hot ... too hot? The priority is to refresh your children to avoid the nasty heat stroke. That's good, in the redac ', we have cool tips ... and it works!

Refreshing towels

  • On hot days, you wonder how to refresh your grandchildren effectively.
  • Our tip? Keep wet towels in a plastic zip freezer bag and ice cubes in a bottled bottle. When your loulou are too hot, soak the towels in the water cooled by the ice cubes and put them on the face. You'll see, it's going right now!

The good plan to refresh the picnic

  • At picnic time, the cooler is very convenient but rather bulky.
  • Our tip? Instead of a cooler, use a bottle filled with one third of water and frozen the day before. She will keep the other drinks cool. In addition, during the return trip, you can drink the content.

Collective Water Battle

  • The water gun ... a classic holiday game. If you do not have one on hand, here is a house solution.
  • Our tip? Take a water spray for the plants. This makes a perfect pistol with a light flow and a high capacity refill. Fun for hours in the garden. The best of the best? Be part of the battle and play the sprinkler watered. You too deserve a bit of fresh air ... and a good laugh!

Drip for the little ones

  • It is sometimes difficult to drink a young child either by bottle or glass. Yet, it is essential to avoid dehydration!
  • Our tip? Give him some water using a small pipette like some drugs. It will take time but at least he will drink.

Little cool wind to sleep

  • It's hot, very hot ... This sultry crushes your grandchild who has trouble getting to sleep at night or at nap time.
  • Our tip? Hang a wet sheet at the window of his room. With the air flowing through it, the temperature will drop by a few degrees and your little one will be able to find tranquility in the arms of Morpheus.

Ice candies

  • Sweet drinks, like grenadine, kids love and it's hard to deny them that pleasure during the holidays. However, it is better not to abuse it ...
  • Our tip? To make them drink less sweet, prepare a carafe of grenadine and pour the container into an ice cube tray. When they are thirsty, give them a glass of water in which you add one or two colored ice cubes. They will be delighted!