The pregnancy weight tracking curve

Weight monitoring during pregnancy is one of the classics! To help you control your weight over the weeks, check out our weight tracking chart and print it!

Minimal in the first trimester, especially because of nausea, your weight gain will be more marked from the 4th month and will be confirmed over the months. The weight varies according to the future moms of course, but the weight gain is a function of the buildup before pregnancy and is measured with the BMI (Body Mass Index)

BMI before pregnancyRecommended weight gain
19,812.5 to 18 kg
Between 19.8 and 2611.5 to 16 kg
Between 26 and 297 to 11 kg
greater than 296 to 7 kg

Monitoring your weight is essential during pregnancy. The ideal is to weigh yourself every week (Monday for example) and to have a regular curve. If you notice a significant change (up or down) and a break in the curve, consult the doctor or midwife who is following you.

Follow your pregnancy weight by printing our curve. It will allow you to control your weight gain. Click on the image to download it.

Weight and pregnancy: the complete file