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Breasts and breastfeeding, what to do?

"I have very bad breasts since I breastfeed my baby, what to do?" Celia Dos Santos, lactation consultant, answers Maeva's question.

The answer of Celia Dos Santos, consultant in hospital and liberal lactation in Paris

  • Extraordinary adventure, breastfeeding can sometimes be accompanied by certain inconveniences such as breast pains which are in no way inevitable.
  • Breast pains during breastfeeding may have several reasons. Most often, they are due to a poor positioning of the baby who then does not always open the mouth and does not take the breast. In the long run, this can cause cracks and crevices that can create a gateway to different germs that cause infections, such as staphylococcus.
  • Fungus mycosis, very often caused by candida albicans, better known as lily of the valley, are also a source of pain and burning. As well as the engorgement of the breasts.
  • Finally, some women may experience nipple sensitivity that is psychological in nature. Breastfeeding may revive old trauma (especially in women who have been sexually abused).
  • Associated for centuries with breastfeeding, breast pain has nothing "normal" or "natural". That is why it is absolutely necessary to talk about it as soon as it occurs to its lactation consultant or to its doctor who will advise to better position the baby, or will prescribe a treatment for the crevasses, fungal infections or infections. And will eventually refer to a psychologist in case of sensitivity rather psychic. It is important to also know that breast pain is not a contraindication to breastfeeding, it can be continued even in case of treatment.

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