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The evening story is sacred!

The evening story is sacred!

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Some evenings, it's a real pleasure to read a story to him. But sometimes you'll do well ... Not sure it's a good idea!

He loves his story ... because he cares about you

  • During this evening story, a unique relationship is created. Strong. Your child is alone with you. It benefits totally. When you set the tone, when you let your emotions vibrate, you also talk to him about you, you pass on your story to him ... He likes this way of you to live the text.
  • What has to be done. Read him books at any time of the day. Exchange, share your emotions. Let yourself be guided by your desires or those of your child who can feel reassured by a little hero who has the same problems as him. Especially as your word accompanies the story and secures it. In the evening, play the variety. You can tell your day, evoke your plans for the next day or a souvenir, answer one of his many why ... Or just hug and sleep!
  • What to tell him. "If we told each other our favorite moment of the day?"

He wants a story because the night the anguish

  • It is also possible that, at night, your child is afraid to face his anxieties and separation ... Our culture has established the evening story as a link between day and night. Do not charge this moment with too much emotion. It's up to you to book the story when it's your pleasure.
  • What has to be done. More than the darkness, it is your absence that your child dreads. Be creative: play with his teddy bear "who does not want to sleep", invent a funny story around the night, his fears, the separation ... that you can continue the next day ... Thus, you stage his ability to separate from you.
  • What to tell him. "Do you remember Môôssieur Crabouille running at night behind clouds so as not to be seen?"

Say, you still tell me a story ...

  • He still insists? If he is not sleepy, he may be able to stay close to you for a moment, but warn him: "When the big needle is up, you will go to bed." He insists again and again, once the light off? No is no ! History is neither a mandatory ritual nor a medicine to face separation.

  • What has to be done. Do not give in. Your "big" of 3-4 years is able to understand your emotions, your weariness, especially that you have clearly announced the color returning home at night. Tell yourself that it is good for him to feel that you allow yourself to go out, to spend a moment in love or simply to relax ... without him!
  • What to tell him. "I do not feel like it, Tomorrow we'll do better, Dad will come and give you a hug ..."

Agnès Barboux with Dr. Patrick Ben Soussan, child psychiatrist.

Mom's words

"I often read a story to Anna at bedtime, we both sit on a foam chair, it's a hug-book, and when I'm tired, I tell her a little story that I invents for her, and even short, she appreciates. " Sarah, Anna's mom, 3 ½ years old.

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Our evening stories to tell him.


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