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It was the 2009 summer movie for toddlers. This Disney-Pixar makes us live a thousand adventures alongside a grumpy old man and a boy full of life. on DVD if you missed it!

The story

  • Carl is a grumpy 78-year-old. Oh, he's been happy all his life alongside his bubbly Ellie. But life has taken her away and now threatens to dislodge him from his home! Carl decides to realize his childhood dream: fly to the City of Paradise, far away in South America.
  • Nothing is easier for this cunning old man. He hangs millions of balloons at his house and flies ... Finally alone and quiet! Only ? That's without counting Russel, a young scout full of energy and determined to win a final medal, that of assistance to the elderly!

Why we love Up there

  • Once again Disney-Pixar Studios hit the mark. They make us laugh and dream about a difficult subject and yet fascinates toddlers around age 4-5: old age and death. Yes, Carl has become an old grouch. Yes, he has back pain and even a denture. Ellie, his wife, is dead. But they were young too ... and happy. The first footage of Carl and Ellie's life is among the best. But the whole film is imaginative, full of emotion and humor.

What your toddler will like

  • The truculent Ellie, with his tooth less, and who is afraid of nothing!
  • The energy of little Russell who finally knows nothing about the wild world. His tent? He only planted her in her living room! But he asks only to live fully and to be loved.
  • This colorful and bright bird as the air and that sweet doggie, Doug, a little simpleton, who will join Russell and Carl in the adventure.

It's scary?

  • Some scenes - great, like the storm - impressed the youngest viewers. It's true that this animated film from Disney-Pixar Studios is not lacking strength ... nor tenderness.
  • To do with your children from 4 years.

By Pete Docter, with the French voice of Charles Aznavour, 1 h35, Disney-Pixar Studios.

Agnes Barboux

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