The z'animos come to the table!

The z'animos come to the table!

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Your cubs, kittens or rabbits do not have much appetite? This one will come ... not by eating but by devouring eyes these 14 funny recipes in the shape of animals, before devouring them all.

Karine Ancelet

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The z'animos come to the table! (14 photos)

A little hungry, rabbit?

She will make the eyes shine this recipe! On a slice of toast, put some fresh cheese, pieces of celery? Cut out a rabbit's head in a trance of cheese for burger (or mimolette). decorate with pieces of radish for eyes and teeth, chives ... and voilà!

We pinch for this recipe

Too funny this idea! You'll need a slice of bread, Knacki-type sausages, quail eggs, black olive pieces for the pupils and peppers for the tongs (and straws for decorating). A fillet of tomato sauce for the mouth ... and presto, this crab is ready to be eaten.

Chat then!

Nice, this cat's head! On half a bun, spread fresh cheese and decorate with pieces of cucumber, a nose of pepper and chives.

We make the caterpillar?

How to transform a simple dish of shells-sausages? Easy !

An idea that has dog

How to make this dog's head? Easy ! You will need a pancake, orange wedges, banana slices, chocolate balls for pupils, a grain of reason for the muzzle, an orange peel cut for the mouth (to remove before tasting) and a small red fruit for the tongue (here pomegranate). Enjoy your meal !

Steals the dragonfly

A sandwich that will give him wings! On a slice of bread, put salad and a slice of gruyere. Add half-boiled eggs, slices of cucumber and cherry tomatoes. A beautiful sliver of pepper, two peppercorns for the eyes and some herbs ... it's over!

Dog not mean

He looks great, does not he? For this idea, you need tomatoes (large and cherry), pieces of cucumber for the legs, green olive rings for the eyes, pieces of black olive for the nose and pupils and two corn kernels for the mouth. Malin!

Funny hedgehogs

And if you stung this idea to make him eat eggs? Choose from mimosa or mayo eggs, pepper pieces and chives.

We eat a dinosaur

It is not this dinosaur that is likely to eat your gourmand ... but the opposite. You'll need pancakes, a banana, slices of strawberries and apples, pineapple (or other fruit) for the legs and a black berry for the eye.

Naughty Rabbit

It should open the appetite this pretty bunny! On a piece of bread cut in round, place a salad diced ham (or salmon), pineapple, corn and surimi. Decorate with cucumber ears, tie and pepper mouth, black olive eyes and muzzle and parsley eyebrows. For whiskers, thin sticks of cucumber (or pepper) will do.

Nice recipe!

How to make him eat fruit? Too easy with this staging very nice. You will need a slice of pear (or apple), pieces of kiwi, nectarine, apple for the legs, a strawberry for the beak. And think of perching this beautiful bird on a cake shaped stick.

Pasta of rabbit!

Finally, it is not his legs but rather his head that represents this recipe gourmet. On the menu, spaghetti, broccoli, pine nuts, pieces of radish, olive and pepper. Nice, no?

Greedy bear

A sandwich for big appetites! In a hamburger bun, put some fresh cheese, a slice of gruyere cheese, one of mortadella (or ham) and one of tomato. Decorate with ham and black olive eyes, pepper (or tomato) nose. The ears are cucumber, of course!

Happy fishing this idea!

This is an original salad (and complete) that should seduce. For fish, lay on slices of cheese, eggs, cherry tomatoes and pieces of black olive and pepper. Nice appetite in sight!


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