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The most beautiful caves to visit in France

The most beautiful caves to visit in France

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Here are breathtaking and timeless trips to the center of the Earth! Rock crystals with supernatural hues, fairy lights, paintings of prehistoric animals, undergrounds but also entertaining activities for children, like playing tightrope walking, tree climbing, boat or small train ... We rush into the abyss?

1. Lascaux International Center for Parietal Art - Dordogne

Lascaux International Center of Parietal Art

The complete replica of the cave of Lascaux (Lascaux IV), Dordogne, offers a journey back in time over 20,000 years with sumptuous frescoes of prehistoric animals. Workshops, use of 3D image and virtual very attractive for children! Ideal from 6 years old.
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2. Chasm of Padirac - Lot

Chasm of Padirac

Regarded at all times as "the entrance of the devil", the chasm of Padirac, in the Lot, date of an indefinite time. A walk 100 meters underground where a river flows for a visit full of mystery ... Playground laid out on the site. From 4 years old.
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3. Grotte des Demoiselles - Herault

Cave of Demoiselles

Known for the richness of its decoration, the Cave of Demoiselles (legend has it that a shepherd, having misled a sheep, said he saw fairies there), in Hérault, is a cathedral of abysses with giant stalagmites and stalactites. Theme tours for children and adults, crossing the chasm in funambulary!
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4. Cave of Saint Marcel d'Ardèche

Cave of Saint Marcel

The cave of Saint Marcel d'Ardèche is adorned with beautiful underground networks of nearly 60 km. The highlight of the visit is the impressive waterfall called "Gours" that will amaze young and old. Fairy lighting! The one-hour guided tour allows children to discover geology and rock art. From 6 years old.
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5. Cave of Clamouse - Hérault

Cave of Clamouse

The cave of Clamouse, in Hérault, is known for the richness of its concretions and very rare crystals. It also offers an alternative to classic guided tours: the speleopark! The principles of accrobranche applied to the underground environment with various workshops, monkey bridges, zip lines ... From 8 years.
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6. Grotto of Lacave - Lot

Cave of Lacave - Days in disguise

Access for caves of Lacave, in the Lot, is done by a small train, which will amuse the children. You will discover rooms that can reach 60 meters high, including the famous room "black lights". The site organizes concerts and the last days of August, the guides make their visits disguised! Ideal from 4 years.
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7. The Betharram caves - Pyrenees

Betharram Caves

The Betharram Caves, in the Pyrenees have the distinction of having 5 superimposed floors. And what is nice for children is that you first get there by a small train and then go boating and walking. From 4 years old. Lourdes, the most famous pilgrimage site in France, is 15 km away.
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8. Choranche Cave - Isère

Cave of Choranche

In the heart of the Natural Park of Vercors, the cave of Choranche is an exceptional place to discover the underground world. Thousands of fine and fragile stalactites, supernatural underground rivers, plays of light and shade offer a magical spectacle. Ideal from 5 years.
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9. Cave of Lombrives - Ariège

Cave of Lombrives

The cave of Lombrives, in Ariege, is a collection of almost 200 caves, the largest in Europe, with 7 levels of superimposed galleries, formed more than 20 million years ago. This set has always been a shelter for men! Guided tours are captivating. Starting from 7 years old.
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10. Cave of the Cocalière - Gard

Cave of the Cocalière

In the Gard, is the Cave of the Cocalière sometimes called the diamond cave. We can also see a prehistoric gallery testifying to the human presence in the places. The return is on a small train. Easy route for children. From 5 years old. In 2017, the cave celebrates 50 years of tourism!
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11. Cave of Niaux - Ariège

Caves of Niaux - Tourist attractions Ariège

The cave of Niaux, in Ariege, is a cave that can be visited by the light of a lamp, with the emotion of an explorer! Over 800 meters, visitors will discover a majestic hall with more than 80 paintings of prehistoric animals. The excitement is at the rendezvous ... From 8 years old.
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12. Gouffre de Cabrespine - Aude

Cabrespine chasm

20 minutes from Carcassonne, the Giant Pit of Cabrespine offers a grand spectacle. The room is huge and the children can admire, since the famous "Balconies of the Devil", the chasm that sinks about 220 meters deep ... Chills guaranteed. Ideal from 5 years.
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13. Chasm of Proumeyssac - Dordogne

Gouffre de Proumeyssac

The chasm of Proumeyssac, nicknamed the "crystal cathedral", presents impressive crystallizations with plays of light and musical accompaniment. The 45-minute visit is commented. Ability to go down into the chasm by means of a basket as during his discovery! From 5 years old.
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14. Cave of La Verna - Pyrénées Atlantiques

Cave of La Verna

The cave of La Verna, in the Pyrenees, is the largest cavity designed to accommodate the public, with 250 meters in diameter! Visit "discovery" or "exploration river", for children, with a guide that reserves a few surprises for the youngest adventurers ... From 5 years.
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15. Cave of Osselle - Jura

Cave of Osselle

The cave of Osselle, enter Doubs and Jura, is not only known for the beauty of its natural setting, it is also within it that we found, in 1826, the first complete skeleton of cave bears! A bear species that no longer exists today. From 6 years old.
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