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Laughter: essential during childhood

Laughter: essential during childhood

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Would children make life happier? Yes, say the French! According to the results of a study conducted by Aquafresh, 94% of them find that they are a source of joy, thanks to their sincere and spontaneous laughter.

  • According to an Ipsos study for Aquafresh, French people laugh an average of 4.6 times a day, first with their spouse, at 31%, but also with their children at 17% (26% for moms). For nearly 60% of them, they are a source of joy of life, especially because their laughter is communicative and spontaneous: "Children are the engine of laughter ", says Dr. Henri Rubinstein, a specialist in the exploration of the nervous system.

How to maintain the joy of living of your child?

  • For their child to be happy44% of parents stimulate their curiosity as a matter of priority and make them discover new things in different fields (sports, artistic, intellectual). They also let him follow his desires, play and dream. Nearly 30% also think that keeping him from worries that are not his age is a way to make him happy, as well as avoiding asking him to be a perfect child.

Tickling, more tickling!

Nearly 60% of respondents think that early childhood (0-6 years) is the time when we laugh the most. And what do parents do to make their child laugh?

  • They tickle them (31%), they make up stories (24%) and like to speak with a funny voice (17%). Grimaces and kisses on the stomach are also popular with many parents.
  • For Dr. Henri Rubinstein, these good mood rituals are essential. "The taste of laughter is learned.There are families where you do not laugh enough, yet it allows children to gain confidence in them before the social and academic shackles come to inhibit them from the entrance to the CP. . "

 Stéphanie Letellier

(News from 05/03/13)


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