Baby birthday kit: the baby-party

Baby birthday kit: the baby-party

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1 or 2 candles ... What an event! How to organize an unforgettable baby-party for your baby's birthday? In this free download kit, find our tips for organizing, decorating ideas and recipes, games. Too cute !

In this birthday kit

  • Location, hours, number of guests, tips ... advice for organizing your baby's party.
  • Decorative ideas: garland cuddly, garland pennants, enchanted letters ...
  • Special Toddler Recipes: Rainbow Cake, Appetizers, Vanilla Milkshake, Baby Cupcakes ...
  • Ideas of rhymes and finger games to entertain baby.
  • Download it, it's free. Just log in with your account and click on Download. Not registered ? Create your account in seconds and join the community

Download the kit by clicking on the image below


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