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The potato pig

See the slideshow It has the potato this pig !! Have fun making this animal friendly and oh how funny to "ride"! Our explanations in pictures. Agnès Barboux © Enfant Magazine The potato pig (4 photos) Equipment 2 potatoes (1 large and 1 small) 6 matches 1 small piece of Gruyère 4 cloves 1 noodle.
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No resume Ultralight and compact, this stroller is no less comfortable for a cane. Each seat is reclining in several positions and completely lie down for sleep. The extendable footrest will also please your child. Its +: it comes with the rain cover and a storage basket.
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Married, Pacsés, cohabitants ...?

Marriage, Pacs, cohabitation, common-law ... the ways to love each other and to live as a couple are many. And what is your situation? Take our poll. Married, Pacsés, cohabitants ... what is your situation? Married Cohabitants Married Common Vote <Findings> To discover:
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Name Deana - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name: Anglo-Saxons Meaning of first name: Derived from Diana, who was a figure of mythology. Beautiful and agile, this goddess of Nature and hunting among the Romans, related to Artemis in the Greeks. St. Diana was born in Bologna in a noble family. Very young, she turned to God, against the advice of her parents, and founded a convent of Dominicans.
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Your child 1-3 years

My apprentices pop stars

On board their van, these funny rabbits ride the road of learning with your child. To each his specialty to learn by singing and having fun: figures for the green rabbit, letters for blue and colors for yellow. From 18 months old. € 23.90 (Tomy). On board their van, these funny rabbits ride the road of learning with your child.
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Baby birthday kit: the baby-party

1 or 2 candles ... What an event! How to organize an unforgettable baby-party for your baby's birthday? In this free download kit, find our tips for organizing, decorating ideas and recipes, games. Too cute ! To discover in this birthday kit Place, hours, number of guests, tips ... advice for organizing your baby's party.
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